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StatLab–CANSSI–CRM Postdoctoral Fellowship

Applications are invited for a StatLab–CANSSI–CRM Postdoctoral Fellowship in Statistics by March 10, 2017.

We’ve got a list of other postdoctoral opportunities across the country. Check out the updated list here.

Upcoming Calls for Proposals

Request for Expressions of Interest – Hosting CANSSI

We are inviting institutions from across the country to submit expressions of interest in becoming the host institution for CANSSI. Becoming the host institution provides an opportunity to build and shape statistical sciences across the country, across the host institution’s province, and within the local community. See here for more information.

We recently asked for comments regarding a discussion document outlining some options for the future of CANSSI. If you haven’t already commented, you’re still welcome to do so. The discussion document is available online.

Industrial Problem Solving Workshops


Group photo from the Industrial Problem Solving Workshop at PIMS, August 7-13, 2016

The purpose of CANSSI is to advance research in the statistical sciences in Canada by attracting new researchers to the field, increasing the points of contact among researchers nationally and internationally, and developing scientific collaborations with other disciplines and organizations.

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