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The goal of the Collaborative Research Teams (CRT) program is to foster fundamental statistics and inferential data science research and training interactions that span disciplines and institutions in order to tackle complex problems of broad importance. The CRT program emphasizes the co-creation of knowledge, the leveraging of Canada’s statistical and inferential data science expertise, and the synergy achieved by embedding partnership into projects at their inception.

A CRT project tackles research of sufficiently broad scope as to require a team of faculty, postdocs, and students during a three-year research and training agenda. CRT projects have a significant component focused on developing new fundamental statistical and inferential data science methodology and models and/or applying statistical and data science methods and models in an innovative way to a research problem in an NSERC-funded discipline. But the scope of the proposed research and activities must require support that is substantially more involved than is possible to pursue successfully with individual NSERC funding. Research involving interdisciplinary interactions and/or collaborations dealing with geographic dispersal are typical of CRT projects.

CRT project funding goes primarily to support HQP involved in the project research and to support the interactions of the CRT team. The CRT Project Budget for projects starting in 2021 is $180,000. CRT projects also commit to activities that support substantial communication and dissemination of research results in a variety of ways.

The CRT proposal process has two parts: Submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI) and, if invited, submission of a full proposal.

The LOI describes the proposed research and research team and includes summaries of HQP training and plans for communication and dissemination. The deadline for the LOI is April 30 of each year. (In 2020, the deadline has been extended until June 15.) LOIs are adjudicated by the CANSSI Scientific Committee with the input of external reviews with decisions about invitations to submit full proposals in August.  Only teams with LOIs demonstrating clear potential for eventual success in the proposal competition will be invited to submit a full application.

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