CANSSI Collaborative Research Team Projects

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A Collaborative Research Team (CRT) Project is a project designed for a three-year agenda that includes statistical scientists and collaborators from other disciplines.  The funding from CANSSI for a CRT is approximately $180,000 over the three years. This is to provide partial support for trainees, travel for collaboration, and workshops.  More information on how to apply for a CRT can be found here.


Towards Sustainable Fisheries: State Space Assessment Models for Complex Fisheries and Biological Data

Spatial Modeling of Infectious Diseases: Environment and Health

Statistical Methods for Challenging Problems in Public Health Microbiology


Statistical Analysis of Large Administrative Health Databases: Emerging Challenges and Strategies


Joint Analysis of Neuroimaging Data: High-Dimensional Problems, Spatiotemporal Models and Computation

Rare DNA Variants and Human Complex Traits: Improving Analyses of Family Studies by Better Modeling the Dependence Structures


Evolving Marked Point Processes with Application to Wildland Fire Regime Modeling

Modern Spectrum Methods in Time Series Analysis:  Physical Science, Environmental Science and Computer Modeling

Statistical Inference for Complex Surveys with Missing Observations


Advancements to State-Space Models (SSMs) for Fisheries Science

Copula Dependence Modeling:  Theory and Applications

Statistical Modeling of the World: Computer and Physical Models in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences 


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