Addressing Spatial and Computational Issues in Integrated Analysis of Modern Ecological Data

Collaborative Research Team Project: 2020-2023

This project aims to improve wildlife population monitoring to better understand how ecological systems are responding to human disturbance and climate change, and to ensure that mitigation efforts are successful. As new technologies increase the volume and variety of the data that can be collected, team members are combining these new methods with more traditional wildlife data in order to further develop methods for integrating various data sources, evaluate the benefits of combining these data sources and to provide guidelines on resource allocation for future studies with multiple monitoring methods. Ultimately, this CRT hopes their work can be used to inform policy for conservation and management of Canadian wildlife. They are also helping conservation and management groups across Canada make more data-driven decisions in managing threatened wildlife populations and ensure mitigation efforts are effective.

The team leaders are Laura Cowen, University of Victoria; Simon Bonner, Western University; and Saman Muthukumarana, University of Manitoba. Other collaborators include: Audrey Beliveau, University of Waterloo; Louis-Paul Rivest, Université Laval; Thierry Duschene, Université Laval; Olivier Gimenez, Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionelle et Evolutive, CNRS, France; Carl Schwarz, Simon Fraser University; Darren Gillis, University of Manitoba; Kevin Fraser, University of Manitoba; Doug Watkinson and Eva Enders, Freshwater Institute, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Winnipeg; Brad Anholt, University of Victoria; and Chris Bone, University of Victoria.

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