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Collaborative Research Team Project: 2021-2024

The advent of complex sports datasets has resulted in great interest in sports analytics. The datasets extend beyond box score data to include event data and the gold standard known as tracking data. Tracking data is big data which records the location of all players on the field recorded at intervals as frequent as 25 Hz. The problems which we explore involve the business/economic side of sport including ticket pricing, fan retention, fan growth, efficiency of gambling markets, marketing and salary cap issues. We also study problems on the sports science side which include nutrition, sleep, injury prevention, training, physiology, exercise, biomechanics, health, medicine and biochemistry. We also study traditional analytics problems such as fairness of competitions, scheduling, tactics, the identification of key performance indicators, drafting, rules, ranking, decision making, handicapping and player evaluation. The CRT group uses the tools of probability, statistics and data science to advance sports analytics. 

Team leaders:

Tim Swartz – Simon Fraser University
Alex Leblanc – University of Manitoba
Tianyu Guan – Brock University
Oliver Schulte – Simon Fraser University
Dave Clarke – Simon Fraser University


Syed Ejaz Ahmed – Brock University
David Beaudoin – Université Laval                   
Jiguo Cao – Simon Fraser University
Tim Chan – University of Toronto
Peter Chow-White – Simon Fraser University
Ivor Cribben – University of Alberta
Paramjit Gill – University of British Columbia – Okanagan
Joan Hu – Simon Fraser University      
Tom Loughin – Simon Fraser University
Saman Muthukumarana – University of Manitoba
Catherine Pfaff – Queen’s University
Pascal Poupart – University of Waterloo        
Peter Tingling  – Simon Fraser University     

Our industrial partners are Sportlogiq, Own the Podium and Canadian Sports Institute Pacific.

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