CANSSI Health Science Collaborating Centres

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CANSSI is excited to announce the creation of 4 new Health Science Collaborating Centres (HSCCs) across the country. They join the 7 HSCCs that are already part of this network. These HSCCs will facilitate research collaborations between health scientists and statistical scientists, offer training programs and initiate projects on emerging health issues. Click on an image to learn more about each HSCC.

Maritime Statistical and Health Science Collaborating Centre   Montreal Health Statistics Centre   CANSSI Saskatchewan Health Science Collaborating Centre
SFU Health Sciences and Statistics Collaborating Centre   Collaborating Centre for Statistical Omics   Centre for Biostatistics
McGill Health Statistics Training Network   Manitoba Statistical and Health Sciences Collaborating Centre   Queen's Collaborating Biostatistics Centre for Health Research
Rocky Mountain Data Science Training Network   UBC Health Science Collaborating Centre

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