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CANSSI is proud to announce a series of nationally broadcast seminars, to be held once a month between September and April.  And CANSSI is proud to involve students via journal clubs and student-only meetings with the speakers following each seminar.

Seminars will be broadcast live on the fourth Thursday of the month from 1-2:30 pm Eastern time.  Students will meet virtually with the speaker from 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern time.

This winter/spring, we will hear from three speakers who are experts in causal inference. Learn more about causal inference.

For the last seminar in the series, Grace Yi from Western University will be our Distinguished Lecturer on April 22, 2021.

In the fall we heard from three speakers who are experts on the development and application of hidden Markov models in different fields. Learn more about hidden Markov models.

Journal club

At least two weeks before each seminar, the speaker will provide a paper that will help people get the most out of the seminar.  See the page for each seminar to learn what paper is being featured each month. While everyone is encouraged to access the paper via the National Seminar Series website and to discuss the paper with colleagues, CANSSI particularly encourages graduate student involvement, and will provide a modest level of financial support for graduate-student focused journal clubs.  The form of these journal clubs is not prescribed, and may vary, but to receive CANSSI funding, these must be focused on graduate students.

If your organization would like to receive some funding to support a graduate student journal club, please submit the request form to
Grad Journal Club Application Form – MS Word version
Grad Journal Club Application Form – pdf version
Example of Grad Journal Club Application – pdf version

Even if you don’t require funding, please let us know about your journal club by emailing with unit/institution/contact person and email address plus a few sentences to describe your group.  Is this part of a course?  An existing journal club?  Are faculty involved?  Would you like to link up with a group from another unit?  Would you be willing to have someone from another unit join your group?

If you would like CANSSI assistance in linking up with a journal club, please contact

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, National Seminar Series
Simon Bonner, Chair
Geneviève Lefebvre
Gabriela Cohen-Freue
Nancy Heckman, CANSSI Associate Scientific Director, Ex Officio

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