CANSSI Thanks Outgoing Board Members

CANSSI thanks five outgoing Board members this year.

Wesley Yung of Statistics Canada served two terms on CANSSI’s Board of Directors. He played very important roles on the Board during his term, including two years as Chair of the Board. He was instrumental in strengthening the link between CANSSI and Statistics Canada, and brought a wealth of government experience to the institute. Wesley was enormously helpful as Don Estep became the new Scientific Director of CANSSI, helping him learn how CANSSI operates with respect to the Board and setting goals for the Scientific Director.

Arvind Gupta of the University of Toronto has been a keen supporter of CANSSI from the outset, and provided invaluable guidance as we set up the various institutions for governance, the headquarters, and the regional centres. Arvind originally joined the Board in 2012. He served as Vice-Chair for two years and Chair for one year. In addition, Arvind was active on many of CANSSI’s committees.

Joan Hu of Simon Fraser University provided a voice from the research base of CANSSI, which was crucial for the institutes efforts to keep the community across Canada well engaged with CANSSI. Joan was a team leader for a CANSSI Collaborative Research Project entitled “Statistical Analysis of Large Administrative Health Databases: Emerging Challenges and Strategies” (2017-2020).

Michael Boehnke of the University of Michigan was extremely helpful in providing a perspective from outside Canada, particularly in the interface between statistics and the health sciences. He was an active and engaged member of both the Board and the Health Science Committee.

Valérie Bécaert of Element AI helped to link CANSSI to the exciting developments in Montréal in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data vaporization.

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