Welcome from the Scientific Director

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The mission of CANSSI is to support the development, application, and communication of cutting-edge statistical and data science research in the context of tackling engineering, health, scientific, and social challenges. Keeping pace with the tremendous growth in available data in many dimensions of society, the demand for statistical and data science research grows daily in many fields. Building this demand into strong interdisciplinary collaborations takes effort, imagination and resources.

CANSSI supports a variety of programs designed to build multi-disciplinary research collaborations with a strong statistical foundation and to create new linkages between statistical and data sciences and research in academia, industry and government. Our flagship program of collaborative research teams covers areas as diverse as geosciences, neuroimaging, infectious disease, fisheries, and social surveys. We support a wide array of workshops, conferences and thematic programs. We also have a postdoctoral fellows program and a distinguished visitor program. We support the broad participation of students as part of training the next generation of statisticians and data scientists.

There are many ways to get involved with CANSSI, including institutional membership, working with regional associate directors, participating in the annual meeting, joining a committee, and, always, direct suggestions to any member of the Board of Directors, the Directorate, or to me: director@canssi.ca.

I look forward hearing from you!

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