Welcome from the Director

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CANSSI offers a variety of programs designed to build research collaborations with a strong statistical foundation. Our flagship program of collaborative research teams covers areas as diverse as forest fire modelling, finance, genetics, and neuroscience. We support a wide array of workshops, conferences and thematic programs. We also have a postdoctoral fellows program and a distinguished visitor program.

As we build for the future, we need to both reach outward, and not lose sight of our core strengths. Opportunities in health sciences, social sciences, data sciences, and more are increasing daily, but building these opportunities into strong collaborations takes both imagination and effort.

There are many ways for you to be involved in CANSSI, including through your institutional membership, contact with your regional associate director, participation at our annual meeting, and, always, direct suggestions to any member of the Board of Directors, the Directorate, or to me: director@canssi.ca.

I look forward to working with you!


Mary Thompson and Nancy Reid at the Annual General Meeting, 2015 (Photo credit: Jeff Picka)

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