2020 CANSSI Annual Meeting

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This year’s Annual General Meeting will take place via teleconference on Thursday, June 18, 2020 from 9:00-10:00 PDT. See below for the meeting agenda and materials.

The Town Hall Meeting will follow at 10:00 PDT. This event is open to all!

Town Hall Topic: Overview of the CANSSI Proposal to the NSERC Discovery Institute Support (DIS) Program

NSERC has opened the competition for institute funding. For the first time, CANSSI will apply in a head-to-head competition with the mathematics institutes (PIMS, BIRS, Fields, CRM, AARMS) as well as the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA).  The CANSSI proposal must provide a compelling argument for the existence of CANSSI and the budget that is needed to support the Canadian statistics and inferential data science community. A key part of the proposal is providing a vision for the infrastructure support that our community needs in order to thrive and to maximize our impact in our fields, in other fields and in society in general.

The intention is to make the proposal as near a grass roots effort of the Canadian statistics and inferential data science community as is possible under the constraint of being competitive, compelling and coherent. We started the process of gaining an understanding of the needs of our community last August when we undertook a campaign of visiting universities across Canada to talk to faculty, students and administration.  We have been soliciting input from various groups and individuals by direct contact. Most recently, we organized the CANSSI Strategic Retreat in March (report here).

This town hall meeting is the last event in the open community part of the process. During this town hall, we will address the following topics:

  • Developments with the DIS program, timing and funding issues, and an overview of the DIS program, and what this means for the CANSSI proposal
  • Our current picture of the scope of activities that we will propose in the DIS program, and how this fits a picture of how CANSSI should operate over the next 6 years
  • The plan for writing the proposal along with some business aspects of CANSSI needed to provide the foundation for a much larger operation.

We hope to explain our current thinking, answer questions, and receive ideas, criticisms, and advice. After the town hall meeting, we will be forming teams to write portions of the proposal.

Don Estep, Scientific Director
Nancy Heckman, Associate Scientific Director
John Braun, Deputy Director

Connection details will be sent by email. Please write to info@canssi.ca if you need them!

AGM Meeting materials:

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