Brief Update on CANSSI

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To: The Canadian statistical sciences research community
From: Mary Thompson, Scientific Director, CANSSI
Date : January 15, 2013
Subject: Brief Update on CANSSI

On November 5, 2012, Statistical Society of Canada President Christian Léger announced the formation of the initial Board of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI). The Board held its first meeting by teleconference on December 13, 2012.

As an early item of business, the Board passed a vote of thanks to the committee of former, present and future SSC Presidents — John Brewster, Don McLeish, Christian Léger and Michael Evans — for their efforts in putting the Board together. This was a considerable task, and it resulted in a very distinguished Board of committed and energetic individuals who will work together toward building the institute. We are very grateful for the time and care taken by the SSC committee.

I am very pleased to report that Richard Smith, Director of SAMSI, has agreed to serve as Chair of the Board for an initial period, while we go through the process of establishing CANSSI as an organization. The next regular Board meeting will take place at the CANSSI annual meeting, to be held in Edmonton on May 25, 2013. One major task of that meeting will be to set up a mechanism for strategic planning.

In the meantime, a priority is to work on the CANSSI proposal to NSERC, to be part of what is submitted by CRM, Fields, and PIMS to the next competition for thematic and collaborative resources. By February 28, please send me your ideas for specific CANSSI activities that might be carried out in cooperation with CRM, Fields and PIMS over the period 2014 to 2019 – activities such as thematic programs, conferences and training initiatives. A separate call is being issued for Notifications of Interest for Collaborative Team Projects.

I would like to thank Hugh Chipman, Associate Director for the Atlantic region, who has kindly agreed to work with the CRM to manage the CANSSI website, which should be up and running soon.

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