CANSSI Thanks Outgoing Deputy Director John Braun

CANSSI is offering our heartfelt thanks to John Braun, who was in the role of Deputy Director for five years. His long-term leadership and devotion to the Canadian statistics community have been enormously valuable to all Canadians. As the Deputy Director, John’s influence in CANSSI’s programs can be seen. He helped create the new Graduate Student Exchange Scholarship program, while also working on the evolution of both the Workshops and Postdoctoral programs. In addition, John was the driving force behind CANSSI’s involvement in Industrial Problem Solving Workshops across the country. John’s participation in the Industrial Innovation Committee helped CANSSI form several partnerships with other prominent institutions.

John and Doug Woolford led the Collaborative Research Team “Evolving Marked Point Processes with Application to Wildland Fire Regime Modeling” (2015-2018). This project created lasting collaborations with other wildland fire science groups, including the NSERC/CFS Canada Wildfire Strategic Network which was just recently awarded $5 million through NSERC’s Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks program.

Along with Karen Kopciuk and Rob Deardon, John leads the Rocky Mountain Data Science Network, one of CANSSI’s Health Science Collaborating Centres. The principal objective of this training network is to increase exposure of highly qualified statistically trained personnel to the health sciences fields in Southern Alberta and the Southern Interior of BC, giving rise to a new generation of biostatisticians skilled in the knowledge and application of statistical methods that will impact biomedical and health research.

John is Professor of Statistics and Head of the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics in the I.K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan.

“John was a terrific Deputy Director and I very much enjoyed working with him to build CANSSI,” says Nancy Reid, former Scientific Director. “His clear judgment and entrepreneurial spirit were exactly what was needed to keep things moving forward.”

“John has been instrumental to CANSSI’s success because of his excellent scientific judgment and his commitment to supporting the Canadian statistics community,” says Don Estep, Scientific Director. “He also patiently helped me transition into my Scientific Director role by helping me better understand how CANSSI functions day-to-day.”

John always championed CANSSI’s vision to be Canada’s catalyst for discovery and innovation in the statistical and inferential data sciences. His efforts have played a significant factor in building up CANSSI in the last five years. We wish John the best on all his future endeavors.

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