Statistical Methods for COVID-19 Mortality Forecasting at the Small-Area Level

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The Centre for Global Health Research has recently developed the Global COVID-19 Assessment of Mortality (GCAM) tool, which is an open, transparent, and continuously updated statistical model that combines actual COVID-19 mortality counts with Bayesian inference to forecast COVID-19 deaths.

Led by Jeffrey Rosenthal and Patrick Brown from the University of Toronto, students will improve the current GCAM tool by creating spatio-temporal predictions of COVID-19 mortality at the small area level with a hierarchical model; and accounting for irregularities in reporting times of non-hospital mortality by treating true event dates as latent variables. By improving this tool, this will allow the team to make the best possible use of COVID-19 mortality data as the pandemic spreads through its first wave, aiding countries in understanding national disease trajectories, and setting the stage for anticipating the course of future waves.

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