Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine Workshop

February 22-23, 2021
9:00-12:00 MST both days

Online event hosted by the University of Calgary and CANSSI

Registration for this workshop is available here. There is no cost to attend this event.

Erica Moodie, William Dawson Scholar and a Professor of Biostatistics at McGill University
Eric Rose, Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University

Workshop objectives : 

  • describe Adaptive Treatment Strategies (ATS) that operationalize the sequential decision-making process in the precision medicine paradigm 
  • identify the relevant data sources needed to implement ATS 
  • understand how to estimate ATS using multiple approaches – and their relative strengths and weaknesses in the one-stage and multi-stage settings  
  • implement some ATS models using available software tools using clinical data examples 

Workshop prerequisites:  Attendees should have familiarity with regression modelling (not so much the theory, but at least the implementation of both LMs and GLMs). Demonstrations will be done in R and will mostly use the DTRreg package, but no prior experience with that package or software program is necessary. Exercises will use the “by hand” approach so attendees can implement the exercises in the software program of their choice.
A simulated data set will be sent to attendees prior to the workshop and should be uploaded into the software program the attendees wish to use to implement the exercises.

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