Thanking Nancy Heckman

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CANSSI owes a debt of gratitude to Nancy Heckman who has stepped down from her role as Associate Scientific Director. Nancy’s influence can be felt in many spheres of CANSSI’s operations. She helped redefine CANSSI operations to meet the needs of our growing institute. She took part in several committees. She was instrumental in getting the CANSSI National Seminar Series and the accompanying journal clubs going along with committee members Simon Bonner, Gabriela Cohen Freue and Geneviève Lefebvre. She was involved in the adjudication process of many proposals including the latest round of CRTs with a record number of submissions.  Her experience and input helped shape the new iterations of CANSSI’s four main programs:

  • the Collaborative Research Team Program (CRT)
  • the CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships (CDPF)
  • the Graduate Student Exchange Scholarships (GSES)
  • the CANSSI Rapid Research Program (now renamed the Research for Social Good Program)

Nancy is a big proponent of advocacy for researchers who are parents and for EDI in general. Some of her program ideas are still in progress and we’ll continue to develop them as our EDI program takes shape in the next couple of years.

Nancy is a Professor of Statistics at the University of British Columbia whose research interests include functional data analysis and nonparametric regression, with applications to evolutionary biology and animal movement. Nancy’s publications won the Canadian Journal of Statistics Award twice, in 1998 and 2001. She is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. She’s also got an artistic side with talents in textiles and a flair for gardening.

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