Advice for New Researchers

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NSERC Information Session on Discovery Grants, slides by Madeleine Bastien, Stacey Lee-Jenkins, and Paul McNicholas, SSC Annual Meeting, Halifax, June 2015

Applying for an NSERC Discovery Grant, article by Duncan Murdoch, Paul Gustafson, and Mary Thompson from SSC Liaison, Volume 28, Number 3, August 2014

Questions and Answers about the Preparation of a Successful NSERC Application in Statistics, report by Duncan Murdoch, Dave Stephens, and Louis-Paul Rivest from SSC Liaison, Volume 26, Number 3, August 2012

On the Peer Review System of NSERC’s Discovery Grant Program, article by David Stephens from SSC Liaison, Volume 25, Number 3, August 2011

Calibrating Reviews of NSERC Discovery Grant Applications, article by Duncan Murdoch from SSC Liaison, Volume 29, Number 4, November 2015


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