Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Waterloo

Position Summary:
The Real-time Embedded Systems Group at the University of Waterloo is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to develop and apply analysis routines for the functional safety and security of mission-critical and safety-critical embedded computing systems.

Candidates should have a background in statistics and be interested in applying relevant statistical methods to concrete scenarios and use cases. The research takes place in an multi-disciplinary environment including statistics, computer engineering, computer science, and robotics. Candidates should be interested in picking up topics and tools from these different disciplines (e.g., programming, analysis, scripting, visualization techniques). Typical applications of the developed methods include classification (e.g., anomaly detection to identify unsafe operating states), prediction (e.g., forecast of time to critical threshold violations), and model building (e.g., deriving invariants from program trace data and time series). Currently targeted application domains include automotive, avionics, and medical devices.

Specific responsibilities:
* Develop, apply and evaluate analysis routines for the functional safety and security of systems
* Tailor and evaluate classification, prediction, and modeling techniques specifically for embedded systems
* Work jointly with graduate students and undergraduate students
* Write papers and publish in scientific venues (conferences, journals)
* Assist in the general project execution (e.g., interact with industry partners, funding agencies)

Essential Qualifications:
* PhD in statistics or applied mathematics
* Experience in planning and conducting research
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Experience with classification, prediction, and model building for multivariate data and time series
* Experience in programming R

How to apply:
* Send a cover letter and a standard academic CV to Sebastian Fischmeister ( and Matthias Schonlau (
* In the cover letter highlight your background and fit for the position
* Attach one or two academic works of yours that are representative for the research you have completed

* Successful candidates will be hired as postdoctoral research associate at the University of Waterloo
* The initial contract will be for 1 year with the possibility of renewal for a second and third year based on satisfactory job performance

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