CANSSI Distinguished Visitor Program

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Profiling outstanding international statistical scientists and their work

CANSSI is pleased to fund a series of special lectures by leading international statistical scientists. Three calls for proposals will be made each year, with closing dates of March 31, July 31, and November 30. We anticipate funding up to three such lectures per year. Applicants must be from a CANSSI member institution.

CANSSI will provide an honorarium for the distinguished visitor, and will pay up to $2000 for travel and accommodation. The scientist should be from outside of Canada. The scientist will give a 1-hour lecture for a general audience, and will meet with researchers and graduate students during the visit.

Applicants are requested to arrange for recording of the lecture, to provide CANSSI with a link to the lecture, and to submit a short written report on the event. Applicants are encouraged to obtain local funding for a social event. CANSSI will work with the local organizers to ensure that it is widely advertised.

The proposal should include the following information:

  1. Name, current and any significant former positions of the proposed visitor
  2. Field of research of the proposed visitor
  3. Proposed dates and location for the visit
  4. One-paragraph description of the scientific rationale
  5. Proposed schedule of visit and talk(s)
  6. Proposed budget for travel and accommodation

Decisions will be made by the Associate Directors in consultation with the Deputy Director and the Director. Please send your applications to at least 3 months prior to the event date.

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