CANSSI Kick Start Research Program

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Building new collaborations

CANSSI has launched a new program for individual researchers to explore new collaborative research opportunities, with a particular emphasis on multi-disciplinary research.

CANSSI will provide up to $2000 to support activity that will build connections and collaborations that are outside of the researcher’s current research program. Examples of such activities include attending a workshop or conference in a scientific field new to the researcher, attending a workshop at SAMSI associated with a thematic program, launching a multi-disciplinary seminar series, visiting an existing CRT to learn about their collaborative activities or taking part in a Visiting Researcher Program, such as that at the Alan Turing Institute.

The funding for this program is competitive; proposals are welcome at any time, and CANSSI will make every effort to respond within one month. Please send your proposals to

The proposal should include the following information:

  1. Description of the proposed activity, including location and dates.
  2. Up to two pages describing the research motivation, and plans for building the collaboration and advancing the collaboration once the activity has ended.
  3. Proposed budget, indicating additional sources of funding, if relevant.
  4. The applicant’s current curriculum vitae.

Applicants are required to be currently active in research, and it is normally expected that applicants are located at institutions which are members of CANSSI. Decisions on the proposals will be made by the Directorate or a sub-committee of the Directorate. Within two months of completion of the supported activity researchers will be required to send a report to CANSSI summarizing the activity and its impact.

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