CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship Projects

Projets des Bourses postdoctorales émérites de l’INCASS

Project list for 2021 / Liste des projets 2021

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Genetic Correlates of Alzheimer’s Disease Subtypes
Supervisor: Farouk Nathoo, University of Victoria
Co-Supervisor: Mitza Faisal Beg, Simon Fraser University

Statistical Methods for Daily Mortality and Multiple Environmental Risk Factors
Supervisor: Patrick Brown, University of Toronto
Co-Supervisor: Cindy Feng, Dalhousie University

Comprehensive Risk Modeling and Trajectory Prediction of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Big Data
Supervisor: Jiguo Cao, Simon Fraser University
Co-Supervisor: Farouk Nathoo, University of Victoria

Statistical Challenges in the Use of Registry Data for the Evaluation and Personalization of Therapeutic Interventions
Supervisor: Richard Cook, University of Waterloo
Co-Supervisor: Erica Moodie, McGill University

Behavioural Change in Infectious Disease Systems
Supervisor: Robert Deardon, University of Calgary
Co-Supervisor: Alexandra Schmidt, McGill University

Novel Statistical Modeling of Neuroimaging and Genetic Data with an Application to Alzheimer’s Risk Prediction
Supervisor: Linglong Kong, University of Alberta
Co-Supervisor: Dehan Kong, University of Toronto

Multiple and Reliable Backtesting of Risk Measures
Supervisor: Ruodu Wang, University of Waterloo
Co-Supervisor: Ričardas Zitikis, Western University

High-Dimensional and Matrix-Variate Copula Modeling
Supervisor: Paul McNicholas, McMaster University
Co-Supervisor: Orla Murphy, Dalhousie University

Mixed High-Dimensional Copulas for Multivariate Time Series in Public Health
Supervisor: Bruno Rémillard, HEC Montréal
Co-Supervisor: Bouchra Nasri, Université de Montréal

Applications of Long-Memory Models and Copulas to the Reconstruction of Millennial Streamflow Levels
Supervisor: Rafal Kulik, University of Ottawa
Co-Supervisor: Bruno Rémillard, HEC Montréal

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