CANSSI Rapid Response Program

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The Rapid Response Program is designed to support CANSSI members who are in the position to provide critical research support on rapidly emerging problems important to society on a provincial, national, and/or international scale. The program is focused on applied research that has strong potential to have an immediate impact. Program support can be used to support graduate students and/or postdocs  as well as the costs of data acquisition over a period of 2-4 months. Budgets for a project are expected to be typically in the range of $5,000-$7,000 for a project length of 2-4 months. Projects are nonrenewable.

When the CANSSI Directorate identifies an emerging problem that depends critically on statistical models and methodology, they will propose a rapid response program to the CANSSI Scientific Advisory Committee for approval. If the program is approved, the Director will issue a call for proposals.

Applicants should use the official form for proposals (Word version or pdf version). The proposal should be 1-2 pages in length. Ingredients include descriptions of the specific project to be tackled, the entity or organization that may benefit from the research, details of the sources of data to be considered in the research, the timescale of research, a budget and the personnel to be supported, and how results will be transmitted. A short letter of collaboration from an application partner may be included. Please send your proposals to The Directorate will evaluate proposals.

Supported investigators will write a short report describing the results, a description of the extent to which the goal of having an immediate impact was achieved, and the potential for future projects.

Time Frame

Two weeks SAC evaluates a proposed topic for the rapid response program
Four weeks Window for accepting proposals before review begins
Up to specified close date or until funds are fully spent Directorate reviews proposals and awards grants on an on-going basis
Two to four months Length of projects
Four weeks Reporting deadline after project ends

Call for Proposals on COVID-19

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