CANSSI Support for ASA DataFest

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Encouraging undergraduate participation

The American Statistical Association sponsors a “DataFest” competition each spring, and universities in Canada are welcome to participate. An ASA DataFest involves teams of students working for a weekend on the analysis of a set of data provided by the ASA, and presenting their work at the end of the weekend. Prizes are typically awarded in three categories: overall, visualization, and presentation. Details can be found on the ASA website at

CANSSI would like to encourage participation in this program, and to this end has developed a streamlined application process for partial support of an ASA DataFest at any university that is an institutional member of CANSSI. Upon receipt of the complete application, CANSSI will offer up to $1000 for funding prizes, food, or necessary supplies. A template application is available here.

If your institution is planning on hosting an ASA DataFest the first step is to contact the organizers and join the listserv: The terms of ASA DataFest include informing the ASA by February 28 of your intent to hold the event. Advice on hosting is available at

The window for the ASA DataFest competition in 2018 is March 7 through May 7, and it is recommended that planning start at least eight weeks before that. CANSSI will accept proposals until February 28, 2018. Please send your proposals to

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