Conference and Workshop Budgeting Guidelines

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Your proposed budget should state how much you are requesting from CANSSI and how much will be sought from other sources.  Organizers are strongly encouraged to apply for additional sources of funding for their event.  The detailed budget should include both expenses and income.

In the expenses section, please have:

  • Travel expenses (flight, train, ground transportation) for invited speakers (Please see the note below regarding travel with a personal vehicle.)
  • Accommodation expenses for invited speakers (If your conference/workshop will be at the Fields Institute, please see their budget guidelines for limits on expenses.)
  • Student support (usually a set amount that can be used for their travel and/or accommodation)
  • Venue costs (if any)
  • Catering and/or promotional materials

In the income section, please have:

  • Registration fees (you could offer a discounted rate for students or for early registration)
  • Any other support/grants/sponsorship

Travel with a personal vehicle:
When budgeting for travel with a personal vehicle, please use the policy in place at the venue.  If no policy exists, use $0.50/km for distances between 50 and 500 km.  Travel with a distance under 50 km will not be covered.  For distances over 500 km, please budget an amount that is equivalent to the price of economy airfare.

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