Conference and Workshop Planning Timeline

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18 Months Prior

  1. Decide on a theme (in consultation with CANSSI).  Themes can come from research areas of current interest.
    • A research area of current interest
    • A variety of perspectives to be brought together
    • Applications
  2. Appoint an organizing committee.  It is helpful to include local organizers and national or international advisors.
  3. Choose the dates.  It’s ideal to do this 18 months in advance.  You could plan your workshop or conference alongside another meeting.  Try to make sure your dates do not conflict with other meetings.
  4. Determine if the venue is available for your dates.  Please indicate in your proposal that you’ve ascertained that the venue is available.
  5. Develop a planning timeline.
  6. Determine the format and number of sessions.
  7. Form a list of potential speakers and backups for the sub-themes.
  8. Form a list of potential attendees and contact them with tentative plans.
  9. Determine a budget.  See here for some helpful guidelines.
  10. Invite the main speakers (conditional on the event being approved).
  11. Prepare your proposal and submit it to CANSSI before one of the three deadlines: February 15, June 15 or September 15. Please send your proposal to

12 to 18 months prior

  1. Book the venue.  Reserve a block of hotel rooms.
  2. Advertise the conference or workshop.  Have an early registration rate.  Include the CANSSI logo in any advertising or webpages.

6 to 12 months prior

  1. Continue to advertise the conference or workshop.
  2. Confirm speakers and find alternates where necessary.
  3. Update webpages.

1 to 6 months prior

  1. Keep in contact with the people at the venue.
  2. Make sure that participants’ travel arrangements are made.
  3. Plan for any catering needs.

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