Notifications of Interest

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To:  The Canadian statistical sciences research community
From:  Mary Thompson,  Scientific Director, CANSSI
Date:  January 15, 2013

Subject:  Notifications of Interest for Collaborative Team Projects

Notifications of Interest are invited for Collaborative Team Projects, to be funded under the auspices of CANSSI during the period 2014-2019.  Please note that these are not formal Letters of Intent.  Letters of Intent for Collaborative Team Projects to begin in 2014 will be requested later in the year.

A call for suggestions of other activities for CANSSI, such as thematic programs, conferences and training activities, is being issued separately, as part of a general update to the community.

The Notifications of Interest for Collaborative Team Projects will be used mainly as input to the CANSSI proposal to NSERC, to be part of what is submitted by CRM, Fields and PIMS to the next competition for thematic and collaborative resources.  However, the Notifications of Interest will be reviewed individually by the Scientific Advisory Committee of CANSSI, to be formed within a few weeks, and feedback will be provided.

Please send submissions  by February 28, 2013, to me at

A proposed project should have a significant component which is NSERC-fundable in the sense of developing new methodology or applying methods in an innovative way to an NSERC funded discipline.   It should be suitable for a three-year start-up agenda, where the first and third years  would feature organizational and  dissemination workshops.  There should be roles for interns and student trainees in each of the project years, and a project could include up to two years of support for a postdoctoral fellow.

The funding from CANSSI for a Collaborative Team Project would be approximately $200,000 over the three years.  This would provide partial support for trainees, travel for collaboration, and workshops.

A call for Letters of Intent for the first round of projects, which will begin in 2014, will be issued with due date June 30,  2013; full applications will be due September 30, 2013.

Projects in application areas and in the core of the statistical sciences will be considered.  The evaluation criteria will be the strength of the proposal, the importance of the research to science and the public interest,  the excellence of the researchers, the potential for leverage of CANSSI funds, the sustainability of the collaboration,  the national scope of the project, and the likely effectiveness of the team structure.

The Notification of Interest should contain the following:

Title of project

Name and affiliation of team leader

Proposed collaborators 

Collaborators would be individual researchers in universities or in partner organizations; the team should include statistical scientists from more than one region (ideally, several regions) of the country.  In each year, a few would be supervising trainees.

Potential partner organizations

Please list organizations, in Canada and elsewhere, which might have an interest in and assist in  sponsoring the research.  Sponsorship could entail financial support, collaboration, provision of hosting and co-supervision of trainees, or opportunities for access to data.

Anticipated start date

Funding would begin in April of 2014, 2015 or 2016.

Anticipated roles of trainees (students and postdoctoral fellows)

Please indicate where a postdoctoral fellow might be situated, how graduate or undergraduate students might be involved in the project, and how they could contribute to the cohesion of the team (e.g. in joint supervision arrangements).

Anticipated organization of collaboration

Please indicate how members of the team would communicate, and how frequently; how they would organize the research and applications for further funding; how the results would be disseminated.

Research aims, anticipated outcomes, and their potential impact (up to two pages)

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