SSC Biostatistics COVID-19 Case Study Competition

The SSC Biostatistics section invites graduate and senior undergraduate students to participate to a special COVID-19 case study competition.

This competition, taking place outside the regular SSC meeting case study activity, will allow students to demonstrate initiatives and creativity in contributing to the ongoing needs for data-driven decision making. For this reason, the research question addressed in this competition is broad and participants are encouraged to work on any issue or question they feel relevant or not properly addressed by the research community so far.

Each team is strongly encouraged to identify a faculty member to support the members as they develop their analytic approach and final report.

Case study official statement

As a participant in this special COVID-19 case study competition, we ask you to take any COVID-19 data publicly available and create an analytic tool or develop a model that can be useful for decision makers.

There are multiple sources of public COVID-19 data available and catalogued (as an example) by the University of Toronto at, but you are free to use any open source data available.


Three awards will be presented for the top 3 teams. The total value of the awards is $2,000 and will be shared among the winning teams.

All reports will be featured on the SSC web site. All participating students will receive a certificate of participation.


Each team is expected to provide a 10-pages report (including tables and figures, excluding references) following the NSERC guidelines:

  1. Explain any acronyms and abbreviations fully;
  2. Pages must be 8 ½” x 11″ (216mm x 279mm); 
  3. Pages must be single-spaced, with no more than six lines of type per inch;
  4. All text must be in 12 pt Times New Roman font;
  5. Condensed fonts will not be accepted;
  6. Margins must be set at a minimum of ¾” (1.87 cm);
  7. Appendices are allowed but are not part of the evaluation.

Important dates

October 1st 2020, 5 pm PDT: deadline for registration
December 31st 2020, 5 pm PDT: deadline for the report submission


Each team should be composed of at most four students and a professor (mentor). To register, please send an email to with the name of the institution, names of the participants and name of the mentor.

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